Billing & Collection Services

For communities utilizing JDH Association Management for billing and collection services, we will:

  • Handle billing and collections as described in Manager's standard procedures or any variation thereof adopted by the Association and accepted by Manager

  • Handle all aspects of maintenance fee invoicing, collection, and record keeping

  • Make daily bank deposits for the Association

  • Send annual statements to each account with a balance due. For delinquent accounts and for accounts paying by installments, additional statements will be sent monthly

  • Provide maintenance fee information to title companies for closing in the community and follow-through to make sure the correct amounts are paid to the Association

  • Prepare and file Lien Affidavits of behalf of the Association. Prepare and file Release of Liens when debts are paid

  • File Proof of Claims with Bankruptcy Courts when needed

  • Work with property owners to set up and monitor payment plans in compliance with Association policy. Void inactive payments plans and close out plans, which have been paid off

  • Coordinate further collections steps with attorney including, but not limited to, sending demand letters, filing lawsuits in Justice of District Court, foreclosure proceeding, post-judgment discovery and remedies etc.

  • Where court appearances are necessary, your Manager will appear and testify on behalf of the Association

  • Charge back any fees to property owner's accounts as allowed by the governing documents and approved by the Association for delinquent collections, deed restrictions enforcement, forced maintenance, fines penalties or administrative fees. Send a statement to the property owner after any such charge back to the account.