Deed Restriction Services

For communities utilizing JDH Association Management for deed restriction services, we will:

  • Handle deed restriction enforced as described Manager's standard procedure or any variation thereof adopted by Association and accepted by Manager.

  • Manager will maintain a continuing deed restrictions awareness campaign by providing articles for the newsletter on a regular frequency.

  • Manager will keep copies of the deed restrictions for each section and provide them to homeowners upon request.

  • Manager will remain thoroughly familiar with the content of the deed restrictions for each section of the community and advise the Board and property owners on the content and interpretation of the documents.

  • Manger will perform routine audits of the community. The purpose of the audits is to uncover new deed restriction violations / maintenance needs and to determine if previous violations and maintenance request have been corrected. The audits of the community.

  • Board members are encouraged to participate in the audits to ensure that the audits reflect Association's priorities of deed restriction enforcement and maintenance needs.

  • As a special case of deed restriction i maintenance enforcement, Manager will coordinate the removal or repair effort on unoccupied properties. This will include notifying the owner, if possible, arranging for the removal or repair, and invoicing the owner for the cost of the services provided.

  • Prepare draft bid specifications for Association contracts and solicit bids for evaluation and selection by Association. Prepare all contracts and agreements on behalf of Association (such as mowing contracts)- legal review of the documents will be obtained if requested. Coordinate and oversee the work of Contractors.

  • For architectural control, Manager will coordinate request for plans. This entails receiving request for approvals from property owners, evaluating the request, presenting the information with a recommendation to the Architectural Control Committee, and responding to the property owner with the Committee's decision.

  • Complete records on all Architectural Control requests. Manager will maintain decisions.

  • Prepare a "Board Package" and mail to each Board member in advance of each Board meeting. The package will contain, as a minimum, a deed restriction Executive Summary, an Expanded Summery (showing all active violations), a detailed maintenance log (pending and completed work orders) and any other information to be discussed at the meeting.

  • Computer printouts showing the status of all violations of the deed restrictions and open/pending work orders in the community will be available upon request.

  • Give verbal updates on the status of any Manager activities on behalf of Association are available at any time