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What Can Your Association Manager Do For You? - Many of our homeowners have asked about the roles and responsibilities of our management team, and we would like to take this opportunity to let you know what our management team at JDH Association Management, does for you. Our managers have four primary responsibilities: Financial management, Corporation management, deed restriction enforcement and architectural control enforcement. These tasks are directed by the Association’s governing documents and clarified by policies and procedures adopted by the Association’s Board of Directors. Here are a few important points about our managers:

  • The manager is trained to deal with conflict but cannot get involved in any disputes a resident may have with neighbor. However, if Association rules are being violated, the manager needs to be contacted.

  • The manager works closely with the Board as an advisor, not a member of the Board. If you have a concern, please send a letter or email to the Association’s office, for the Board to review.

  • The manager is there to answer questions. However, the answers to many commonly asked questions can be found by accessing the website and reviewing the community documents that are available online.

  • The manager is responsible for monitoring contractor performance but not supervising them. Contractors are responsible for supervising their own personnel. If you have an issue with a contractor who is working for the Association, please notify your manager and he or she will forward your concern to the contractor’s supervisor.

  • Your community is inspected on a regular basis but items may not be available for inspection during the time that the property inspector is in your community . Your help is needed to report potential deed restrictions. If it’s after hours, please report the violation online or leave a message and it will be addressed the following business day. All complaints kept anonymous.

  • The manager does not set policies or argue a point on a homeowner’s behalf. If you disagree with a policy or rule, please send a letter, email or attend the board meeting for your community. Please contact the manager to be placed on the agenda for the meeting.

  • The manager is not a consultant on real estate, leasing, home values, home sales or other items to the residents. The manager is there to act as a liaison between the homeowners and the board of directors on day to day association matters.

  • Phone numbers to report loss of utilities are published in the community newsletters or posted online. Most utility companies also indicate their emergency contact numbers on their billing statement. Emergencies that threaten life or property should be directed to emergency services by dialing 911 or contacting a police officer at phone numbers published in the newsletters, phone books and online services. Please do not report life threatening emergencies to your community manager prior to calling the police.

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