Property Management Services

Communities served by JDH Association Management enjoy many benefits. For our clients, we:

  • Attend all regularly scheduled Board of Directors meetings and any Special Board of Directors meetings. Prepare a "Board Package" and mail to each Board member in advance of each Board meeting. The package will contain, as a minimum, meeting agenda, prior meeting minutes, financial statements, deed restriction report and any other information to be discussed at the meeting

  • Attend all special membership meetings and the Annual meeting of Association. Prepare a handout for members appropriate for the meeting. The Annual Meeting handout would typically contain a meeting agenda, key personnel list, accomplishments and plans, financial summary, and deed restriction summery

  • Record, type and distribute minutes for each meeting of the Board (regular or special) and for each special membership and Annual meeting

  • Coordinate the Annual meeting, including issuing the meeting announcements and soliciting proxies for the meeting

  • Serve as liaison with attorneys, CPAs, contractors, vendors, local businesses, government and public entities

  • Provide administrative and clerical services as needed in the day-to-day operations of Association

  • Ensure that insurance is in place and file claims for or against the Association

  • Maintain a complete set of files for Association with records such as contracts, correspondence, meeting minutes, financial summaries, budget calculations, by-laws, deed restrictions, etc. These files will be available for inspection by members of Association during the normal business hours of Manager

  • Maintain a current list of property owners by working with title companies, taxing authorities, utility districts and residents. Provide lists to Board of Directors of property owners, phone numbers, account balances etc. upon request

  • Store archive files of Association with logs of the contents of all boxes for easy retrieval if needed

  • Be thoroughly familiar with the by-laws and deed restrictions of Associations and provide consultation on association management

  • Keep abreast of legislation, ordinances, court cases and other matters relating to community associations

  • Respond to all property owners' or Board of Directors' requests for information

  • Carry out orientation sessions for new members of the Board and officers if requested

  • Send "Welcome to the Community" packets to new members of Association

  • Provide free notary service to any member of Association in the office of Manager during normal business hours.